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How to make your flat a home

Your jacket has a hook on the door, your laptop and cellphone are subletting the outlet next to your bed, and your toothbrush is closing in fast on some real estate above the sink. However, your flat doesn’t feel quite like ‘home’ just yet. Here’s how to personalise your bedroom and make the space your own.

For your bed: There’s nothing cosier than coming home after a long day, wrapping yourself up as a human burrito, and taking a nap. Both practical and cute, a warm blanket is an addition you won’t regret. TK Maxx has a good selection of soft blankets, so you’ll be able to find one to match your duvet cover. Smaller, statement pillows are also a good go-to. H&M has quite a few for less than £10, ranging from solid colours to eclectic patterns.

For your wall: One of the main things that can make your flat feel bare and lonely are those stark white walls and the harsh ceiling light. Although paint and wallpaper aren’t really options, you can hang a tapestry, string up some lights, or go for a poster that shows off your personality. Urban Outfitters has a variety of tapestries and unique wall art, however they might be quite expensive so make sure to get the 20% student discount. Primark also has a great selection of string lights, so that for less than £5, you can swap the overhead lights for a more relaxed feel.

For your desk: Even if you prefer to do your work at the library or at coffee shops around town, it’s nice to personalise your room’s desk. Pin up some photos of friends from home, get a cute mug to put your pens in and consider adopting a plant to greet you when you come in. The Works, located on Princes Street, has tonnes of cool novelty mugs and unique desk accessories including a light up, colour changing pineapple. Additionally, certain supermarkets including Tesco, ASDA as well as Boots all have photo printing services if you don’t want to crack into your library printing allowance yet.

If you embrace these tips, soon you’ll be sleeping straight through the noises outside your window at 4:00 a.m. and you’ll stop questioning that mysterious stain on the floor. Maybe you’ll even learn to turn your door key the right direction on the first try.


Mimzy via Pixabay


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