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HOW-TO: Start your spring clean

ByRomey Oldworth

Feb 5, 2016

Leaving behind your cosy nest of familiarity for another semester has undoubtedly been a challenge. Upon arrival to your neglected box room, you find that temperatures have dropped to hypothermic levels, and the washing that you were certain you had done in December is still slowly stagnating in the corner. This only serves to worsen your mood and your already minimal motivation. However, this can easily be solved with just a few simple stylistic steps:

Dreary, dark surroundings can really dampen our mood, so in a flourish of illumination we should look to brighter and lighter shades along with the approaching signs of spring. Often light and airy rooms can lift our mood dramatically, and even inspire us to do those tutorial readings! Simply switching up your bed linen or adding a pastel cushion or two allows for an energising yet calming atmosphere.

Start fresh with a spring clean; brutality is key. Blast your top shelves and unreachable cupboards of forgotten trinkets and clutter that are gathering dust. Out of sight, out of mind only works to some extent; sometimes it just needs to go and that includes your shoebox of Dominoes vouchers with an expiration date from 2014. However, do not just look to purge, also look to purchase. Storage units that slot seamlessly into the nooks of your room can be incredibly useful in maintaining organisation.

Every room is a blank canvas with the potential for personality. A thematic approach could kick start your interior inspiration whether it be of a minimalist, vintage or gothic style. Your room will say something about you, regardless, but it is up to you. From wall hangings and rugs to photos and posters, there is infinite potential to make your room a safe haven where friends and – more importantly – you want to hang out.
This is the perfect project for anyone feeling the winter blues – clear up your surroundings and cheer up yourself!




Image: Flickr: [re-modern.com]

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