• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

How to stay warm: advice from two fourth years

You know it, we know it. It is cold. Either because your flatmates want to save money or because you still haven’t figured out how to turn the heater on in your new flat, you are living inside a room where the fridge is not needed to keep your groceries cold.

But don’t you worry, there are ways to fight the cold. As fourth years, we’ve gone through it all, and here are our top five tips to keep warm during what seems to be the coldest winter in years.

  1. Work out – not only will you be keeping yourself warm but you’ll make the air around you nice and warm for your flatmates. Even better, move the furniture in your living room and have a group workout. It is guaranteed that after getting physical five to six times a day, the temperature of the flat might have maybe increased by one degree. Because who needs time to study if you can be warm and fit at the same time?
  1. Share human warmth by cuddling your flatmates. If you really want to, up to five people could sleep in the same bed. If each person brings their own duvet, then there you have it: a human sandwich. Just make sure those in a relationship are put to the side.
  1. Leave – it is as simple as it sounds. Pack a bag and find a deal to get out of Edinburgh for a couple of days. Hotels have heaters, so instead of spending the money on your gas bill, spend it on room service. Essays? What are those?
  1. Move to the library – if you manage to go unnoticed after closing hours, the library could turn into your new home. Grab a pod and a blanket, and there you go. It is unlikely that the heaters go off at night and you can even use the sinks to freshen up. Plus, you won’t have to wake up early to get a seat during exam time.
  1. Buy an electric blanket – spending fifty pounds on a heated blanket will save you ten pounds on your energy bill. What a bargain! After four years at university, you might find a suitable buyer and get your money back. Think of it as an investment.

And that’s you sorted – guaranteed warmth for the whole winter.


[Image: TookaPic @ Pixabay]

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