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How to win your lover’s heart this Valentine’s Day

Have you recently swiped right on a sporting fanatic and are wondering where to take them to blow them away? Or is your long-term partner an activity addict who keeps wanting new things to impress them? No matter who they are or how long you have been with them, The Student’s guide to sporting dates in Edinburgh is bound to offer up a range of ideas to make your sporting superstar happy this Valentine’s Day.

Buy tickets to Murrayfield:

With the Six Nations in full flow, now is the perfect time to surprise your significant other with a dream trip to Scotland’s national rugby stadium. Tickets to the upcoming Calcutta Cup match against England are not going to come cheap, but if they can be secured they will offer a day that you will never forget.

With England favourites for this year’s tournament and Scotland hoping to prove Gregor Townsend’s new dawn has not been crushed by defeat in Wales, the game promises to be full of excitement. Throw in the fact that it is the oldest rivalry in the sport, and obtaining tickets will win you countless brownie points with your partner.

The fun of the day does not have to be confined to the match itself, with numerous bars and restaurants lining the streets from the city centre to the stadium, why not treat yourself to a boozy lunch before the game to make the occasion even more spectacular. While this is not the cheapest Valentine’s gift, it is one that is sure to be a winner.

Play a round on the Bruntsfield Links Short Hole Course:

This is the perfect opportunity to show off your sporting prowess on the world’s oldest short-hole golf course. Situated in Bruntsfield, it is easily accessible from the university and is sure to give an afternoon of fun. It is free to use if you have your own clubs or a set can be hired for only five pounds.

With only nine holes available in the winter months, it is the perfect activity to get you out of the house for a short bit of light exercise and a little fun competition.

To add to the competitive edge, the loser can pay for a post-game dinner or drink in the classy Golf Tavern which offers hearty pub food at a reasonable price.

If the date is a success and you are hooked by the golfing bug, a second date can be arranged at the main Bruntsfield Links course a little way outside of the city that can be reached easily by car, which while slightly pricier is bound to seal the deal with your charming, new Tiger Woods.

Skating at Murrayfield Ice Rink:

The circle at St Andrew Square might be done for the time being, but Murrayfield Ice Rink almost never is. Take the opportunity to grab a quick (and cheap) tram to Murrayfield and skate with your significant other.

Whether you’re good or bad, you’ll both have a great time; whether enjoying a laugh as you and your partner both use each other for support, or simply having a pleasant time on the ice together.

With Murrayfield Ice Rink being open from 2-4pm and 6:15-8pm this Valentine’s Day, it could also be a great way to skate off a big Valentine’s brunch or build up an appetite for a late dinner.

From 11:30-1pm on Valentine’s Day, Murrayfield will be holding group skating lessons, meaning you could learn to skate together.

Skate hire is under two pounds and rink access only five pounds, so there is nothing quite so accessible as spending your day on the rink with your partner.

Hiking up Arthur’s Seat:

Arthur’s Seat is notoriously beautiful, especially at sunrise, so why not take your lover up to the top after a long evening (or for an early morning). The hike up Arthur’s Seat is somewhat perilous if you’re intoxicated, so this writer would recommend that you sober up. Bring a blanket to sit on and some food for a nice early morning picnic once you reach the top.

Sunrise on February 15 is 7:38am if you’re looking to extend your Valentine’s evening, or 7:40am on the 14 if you want to kick off your day beautifully.

The best part? Arthur’s Seat is totally free to climb up, so the only cost you’re facing is alcohol, and who has ever regretted the purchase of alcohol?

So, enjoy a romantic sunrise and a nice hike this Valentine’s Day with your partner: you won’t regret it.


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