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How to workout without a gym membership

ByLucia Villegas

Mar 17, 2018

Student life isn’t always the easiest. What with assignments, classes, and trying to maintain a semblance of a social life, it can be hard to fit in work outs, especially if you don’t have a gym membership. But fear not, for there are many ways to keep fit without losing your paycheck.


  1. My number one recommendation for keeping fit on your own (and on a budget!) is online. Turn your attention to the world of YouTube’s extensive exercise channels. For example, Cassey Ho is a fitness instructor who makes fitness videos on her channel, Blogilates. There’s a new video every week, and oodles to sift through from past years. If you sign up for her free newsletter, you can access her monthly calendars, which feature 3-4 videos to complete per day. Each day of the week focuses on a different area of the body, with one total body day and one rest day included as well. If you don’t fancy receiving weekly emails, you can access all of her videos on her YouTube channel, and create your own routine. Each video is between 10 and 15 minutes long, and can easily be combined to fill the amount of time you have that day. She even has some videos specifically for people living in flats who don’t want to bother those below them (although, maybe your neighbours who constantly blast Drake deserve it – I won’t judge).


  1. Not the indoor type? Edinburgh may be a city but it’s numerous natural areas are great for working out in. Join the masses for a jog around the Meadows (watch out for cyclists!), or make your way up Arthur’s Seat. The average temperature these days may be a little low for your liking, but there’s nothing like working up a sweat to keep you warm. This may be just me, but I consider the walk down to Princes Street to be a trek in itself, so don’t feel too bad about your monthly wander through Primark.


  1. Look for free exercise classes around the city. Some places may offer a free trial class, or a heavily subsidised price for students. Lululemon, the high-end yoga clothing store, offers free hour-long classes on Sunday mornings. Different fitness studios from around Edinburgh take turns hosting the classes, giving you a taster for what they offer. Experience the luxury of an expensive fitness class with none of the strain on your student wallet!


Image: (jenaardell) via (Flickr)

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