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Human remains found at Pollock Halls

ByCraig Buchan

Oct 5, 2018

A police investigation involving human remains has taken place within the University of Edinburgh Pollock Halls accommodation complex.

A cordon was set up to investigate the discovery of human bones outside the self-catered Fraser Court accommodation.

The bones have been removed for further forensic examination, while police continued to control access to the building for four days.

The discovery was initially made around 2:50 pm on Wednesday 26 September, with the final cordon being removed the following Saturday.

Police have said the bones had been in place for some time before they were found, and that inquiries are continuing to determine the origin of the bones.

A spokesman added that all relevant missing people investigations were being reviewed.

Residents of the accommodation on Dalkeith Road were advised by officers on scene to avoid taking photographs of the scene and to stay out of the way of officers.

Students were also assured that there was no threat or danger involved with the investigation.

Fraser Court resident Isaac Bell Holmström spoke to The Student, “The fact that (the bones) have been here for some time is reassuring, given the worries that a violent incident could have occurred.

“It’s a lot more interesting and a lot less concerning.

“It seems like all the relevant information is being passed around, the police are pretty accommodating and understanding.

“The university seems to be in the same position we are, just letting them get on with their work.”

Fellow resident Ellen Willott also spoke to The Student: “On Wednesday we were being told it was a small routine police matter by our warden.

“That evening, the first people in overalls started turning up and more of the car park was cordoned off.

“Forensics could be seen examining the area behind the bike shed.

“The police didn’t tell us much, though they were quite friendly.”


Image: Dylan Ritchie

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