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In pictures: Trump protests in Edinburgh

BySara Konradi

Jul 15, 2018

Thousands of protesters gathered in Edinburgh on Saturday as United States President Donald Trump visited his luxury golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland over the weekend.

Starting at the Scottish Parliament and ending at The Meadows, crowds marched past the US Consulate, Old Town and the University of Edinburgh central campus forming a colourful sea of banners, posters and flags. 

Written messages included “Trump, racist, warmonger, out”, “No hate, no racism, no Trump” and “Orange grump” while verbal chants expressed “Trump is racist, Trump is a liar” and “Hey ho, hey ho, Donald Trump has got to go”.

As the march approached The Meadows, the ‘Trump Babysitters’ friendship group launched a 12-feet inflatable while campaigners’ speeches and live music were heard. Sheila Menon, one of the sitters, described the orange baby blimp to The Student as a “fantastic example of British political satire”. 

Our Staff Photographers Andrew Perry and Sara Konradi covered the day’s events as they unfolded at the Scottish capital. 

Protester holding “Trump a disgrace to the office of U.S. President” sign in front of Scottish
Parliament. Image: Sara Konradi

Crowds listened to Green MSP Alison Johnstone’s speech before leaving parliament. Image:
Andrew Perry

Musicians performed Hamish Henderson’s ‘Freedom Come All Ye’ at Holyrood Boulevard. Image: Sara Konradi

A vibrant wave of banners, posters and chanting washed through the city as demonstrators marched
away from the Scottish Parliament and towards the US Consulate. Image: Sara Konradi

“From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go,” crowds yelled while walking through
Regent Road. Image: Sara Konradi

Protesters continued marching on Abbey Mount. Image: Sara Konradi

A Trump action figure was placed on horse excrement few yards away from the US Consulate. Image: Sara Konradi

Large groups of protesters crossed North Bridge while on their way to The Meadows. Image: Andrew Perry

Police cars followed crowds as they marched along South Bridge and Nicholson Street. Image: Sara Konradi

Edinburgh-based radical singing group Protest in Harmony performed civil rights song ‘Ain’t
Gonna Let Nobody Turn me Around’ outside Edinburgh University Main Library. Image: Sara Konradi

A demonstrator covered herself in the Scottish flag as the Trump Babysitters launched two giant
baby blimps depicting President Donald Trump. Image: Sara Konradi

The last of the thousands of anti-Trump protesters arrived at The Meadows, their final destination. Image: Andrew Perry

Eight of the ‘Trump Babysitters’ attended the protests on Saturday. Image: Sara Konradi

The Trump Babysitters deflated the balloons as the event came to an end. Their next appearance
will be on Tuesday, July 17 2018. Image: Sara Konradi

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By Sara Konradi

Photo Editor

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