• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

IndyRef Special: A plea to the student body

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Firstly, we’d like to welcome readers to our IndyRef Special Edition of The Student. With the biggest decision that Scotland has made for centuries coming up on Thursday, we believed that the least we could do would be to devote almost an entire paper to it.

Each section has engaged with the Independence Referendum on some level, in what we hope is a cornucopia of exciting, and well informed content, which we hope that you will enjoy.

Despite admittedly engaging a huge number of previously apathetic members of the electorate in politics, the independence debate has been divisive, and sometimes exceptionally aggressive. This has particularly been the case on social media.

That being said, almost anything written about independence will either a) infuriate somebody, or b) be exceptionally boring. Due to this, it is with the expectation of having our skins thickened, that The Student presents this special edition.

Whilst reading the paper this week, there will be some of you that believe Hannah Bettsworth’s argument – that a ‘No’ vote would lead to more powers for local communities – is delusionally optimistic. Others will undoubtedly believe Ruairi Mackenzie’s argument – that Better Together has been overwhelming negative – to be an unfair perpetuation of Yes Scotland rhetoric.

Whilst we welcome debate and engagement with our articles, both on social media, and via word of mouth, there is one thing we’d like to say to those are unhappy with a point of view expressed in The Student. Please write for us.

Anybody who is disappointed with any piece written in The Student can rectify this by being a part of The Student; we are open to submissions from anyone in Edinburgh’s student body, and from people further afield.

In the words of the late investigative journalist Paul Foot – “the feeling that something is being done is far better than the reality of doing something”; just as any student who has engaged with the Independence Referendum debate should get out and vote this Thursday, anybody who feels strongly about a piece in this week’s paper should respond to it, and get their thoughts published either online or in print.

In the meantime, please take the time to vote this Thursday, and make your mark on Scotland’s future. This applies even if your star sign is Gemini (N.B. Please read the Horoscopes on page 18 of this week’s edition to understand the joke).

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