Inhaler fulfil expectations on new track ‘We Have To Move On’

Four stars 

Inhaler recently released their latest single ‘We Have To Move On’, and it does not disappoint. The track cruises into existence; all that glistening 70s crooning now an intrinsic part of the Inhaler blueprint, only this time with a newfound and exciting intensity, the kind of which they have only alluded to in the past. The track is high tempo and volatile, bursting into wailing riffs when least expected. The vocals are exhausting as Elijah reaches and strains into ambitious territory in order to create the desired, and powerful effect. All this flourished with an awesome middle eight, momentarily changing the music’s direction with fiery grandeur for brief respite. It rises with a deep breath before dissolving once more into the cacophony. Finally, when the track has run its course, it ends abruptly. Evaporating with one final burst of glitter.  

‘We Have To Move On’ is exhilarating. The boys, like alchemists, have injected gritty rock with their signature high gloss sheen and it’s a match made in heaven.  

Image: Russ Zara via Flickr

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