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INSERT ART HERE, is a digital performance collaboration with 14 artists across the world, organised by ECA intermedia students Tsitra Park @tsitrapark and Shawn Mark Nayar, @shawnmarknayar. 

The big twist was that Artists were all exploring green screen technology and memorably morph suits. This collaboration with technology allowed artists to quite physically and literally engage with their work and become part of their work. The “morphtastic” show succesfully allowed a range of art to be shown, 

Successfully attempts to network artists into digital studios on zoom, in an era where artists have been restricted from studio access, from performance, collaboration – this offers a challenge for artists to think outside the ‘white cube’ and into the world of digital art, opening an accessible way to view, make and appreciate art. 

The show ran like a festival (on zoom), opening Friday 12th of march showcasing different artists, allowing live, socially distanced, intimate experiences with the work. 

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Shawn has remarked that in creating this show; “It’s been an ecstatic whirlwind of morphtastic greentacular splendour. Seeing artists from around the world embrace the green and embody their work in incredible ways makes Tsitra and I so honoured to be sharing their creativity with you”

Artists who took part include; Tabi Hull, @balthuli, Tabi took us into her world of chaotic colours and moving image layers, the imagery and magic of green screen allowed audiences to witness the artist becoming one with her magical video works. Katherine Stanley @k.stan_art, showcased her curiously wild practice, reminding us that “There’s something in your mind my little love”. 

Tsitra has remarked on the project that, “It was such an exciting experience to use something we use every day to make an exhibition that isn’t a second grade version of what we wish it could be, it simply exists in a live environment that people can attend. It has been incredible to see how everyone has grasped this project, and develop it far beyond what we have imagined, we are so excited to see how it develops in the future”
For more information check out the INSERT ART HERE WEBSITE

Image courtesy of Insert art Here website