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Interview with 2019/2020 VP Community: Rosheen Wallace

Introduce yourself, please.

My name is Rosheen, I am in my fourth year doing French and Linguistics. 

What were your initial reactions of winning?

I just couldn’t stop smiling, I felt so elated. Now I am just so excited. 

What is your top priority within your manifesto points? 

I think it’s the general area of housing. That’s something that impacts the largest amount of students, and is such a large issues within itself. I want to be able to go about affordable housing. 

Any specific measures?

I want to complete further research on housing, through a survey, for example. 

What brought you to run for this role? 

I thought it would be really cool to represent students, but was unsure how I could contribute. After reading about what Georgie had done, I realised there was a lot of ways she had impacted aspects of my own student experiences and interests. This goes into housing, but also sustainability. 

What kind of things regarding sustainability?

I am really interested in circular economy, and things regarding reducing food waste. This can go into food sharing through when the university has conferences. Also a reduction of plastics at university cafes etc. This is something people have already started with, but I am excited to jump on board. Students need to combine their interests in this with the Students’ Association. 

What would you want to continue from what Georgie worked on? 

The food-waste thing! Food bins, in every location. I hope to make them more consistent around campus. 

How do you imagine to put your cases forward and make these things possible? 

I suppose it’s about talking to students again. I went to Shrubhill to talk to different students, to understand where they’re coming from. 

I found a lot of them didn’t want to take buses because they were expensive, and this ties into the price of halls as well. There is evidence that there is need for affordable halls. 

How was campaign week? 

It was so tiring and exhausting! But I proved to myself I could do it.

What is the core of your manifesto? 

I am not as extroverted as a lot of people going for this role. I think I work better behind the scenes, but most of my manifesto was practical things. To be willing to plan things through, and be flexible at changes that need to occur. 

Have you spoken to the new team all together? 

We have a introductory team meeting in April, and that will be when we get to know each other. I got to know them better during campaign week as well! 

How did you decide you want to go for the role? 

I think I wasn’t as involved with a lot of students who have gone for Sabbatical Officers in the past. But, after getting emails in January I thought it would be such a good opportunity to focus on things that I find exciting. 


Image: Rosheen Wallace

By Mei Futonaka

News Editor

3rd year International Relations student

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