EUSA Elections 2022 News

Interview with EUSA Presidential Candidate, Fredrik Mohr

Among the candidates for the current EUSA Presidential election is third-year student Fredrik Mohr, a student who has hitherto had little involvement in student politics, but is concerned that there is a separation between student politics and the majority of the student body.

Fredrik states he is ‘a regular student with no previous connections to the student association’ but aims to ‘make it more relatable and beneficial for people like me.’

He took the decision to run for President after receiving an email suggesting he stand, and thought ‘yeah, I totally should!’

Rather than pursuing an agenda, he states he was eager to rise to the challenge and felt he could ‘do a good job for whatever the job is intended to be by the students because it’s all about listening.’ 

Asked what he feels sets him apart from the other candidates, he told The Student ‘I first and foremost think that in order to get progress, we’re going to need a good environment and have to enjoy the people we’re together with because then people like to do good and there’s no friction.

‘I think what sets me apart from the other candidates is that I’ve spent two years now not focusing on administrative tasks but instead getting to know people with different perspectives. My friends are from all different courses, and I think that gives me insight into what’s relevant for students

As well as an understanding of the student body, Fredrik stated he was ‘surprised that no other candidate is combatting sexual harassment as a campaigning point, even though it’s such a big issue.’

Having brought up his concern over the issue of sexual harassment, The Student asked what he would consider being his most important manifesto point.

‘My policies, on a general basis, is that I don’t have any policies.’ He feels that if he wins, he is ‘stepping into a role where there’s going to be so much that’s been suggested by students, and I should go after these tasks, I shouldn’t go after something I’ve created for myself.’

However, he does not feel that ‘combatting sexual harassment or discrimination is an agenda.’ He feels that addressing male ‘discourse is very important and having spoken to ‘some of the sexual harassment movements on campus,’ he has learnt from them that ‘awareness is not the issue but the sense of justice within the university.’ He, therefore, aims to look at what could be done ‘in a justice sense’ including implementing ‘more justice systems’ because ‘that was what was asked for.’

Fredrik noted that being new to student politics he wanted to learn more about the running of EUSA and student democracy to consider changes that could be made.

‘As a politics student, I have some good perspective and learning on how democracies are best done – as we know democracy can be flawed

‘It’s important to have really good communication with people who want change, but also with the people who are against that change so that we can be unified’

Having met people from across the university, Fredrik states he is ‘aware that problems can differ.’

He states, ‘I’m a 6ft 2 white guy from Norway, so I’m aware of all the white privilege I can have,’ but he feels he can represent the diverse student body because he is ‘aware of how hard a task that is, that that is not possible’ for a single individual.

‘There is a requirement to listen to the people who are more in touch with the students and to really be aware of how many diverse issues and systems we have.’

Ultimately, he feels he offers a strong candidacy because ‘I’m definitely not an asshole, and that’s really important.’

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Image Courtesy of Fredrik Mohr