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Ivo Graham: Educated Guess

ByKatharine Cook

Aug 6, 2017

Ivo Graham, the youngest winner of the So You Think You’re Funny award, has returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with his fourth show: Educated Guess, based in the Pleasance Courtyard’s Beneath.

While struggling to come to terms with the loss of his young person’s railcard, Graham uses his show to reflect on his past 26 and a bit years.

Between the trials and tribulations associated with being his parents’ ‘favourite child’, arguing from a liberal perspective with his old Etonion schoolmates and a rather unfortunate experience on The Weakest Link, Ivo Graham delivers a rather lighthearted hour with impressive timings and quick wit.

When a school reunion forces him to take stock of his achievements and post university growth, he’s unsatisfied. Upon realising his lack of political awareness, he embarked on an unusual attempt to become more politically conscious, he memorised all of the UK’s 650 MPs.

Throughout the show Graham eloquently exposes his own regrets and insecurities, using his impressive linguistic talent to easily flow from one story to the next.Graham engaged his audience from the start, quizzing them on the extent of their political participation and repeatedly referring to them throughout the hour. His impressive improvisation skills also appeared when an audience member nipped out halfway through his act. Within seconds of her exit, he blurted out a smart gag and continued his set with ease.

What’s incredibly refreshing about his comedy is its candour, Graham admits to exaggerating for comic effect and more often than not uses his show’s interactive format to prove the truth behind his tall tales. The show’s first 55 minutes are pretty good, the last five are great as Graham really takes self-deprecating humour to the next level.

Ivo Graham: Educated Guess
Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
Until 27th August (not 14th)

Buy tickets here

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By Katharine Cook

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