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Jamie Laing’s Private Parts Fail to Thrill

ByPeyton Runquist

Mar 29, 2017

I have listened to a tremendous number of podcasts since I discovered them two years ago. Of course, not every podcast can be a good one, but usually, I can listen to at least three episodes of one before I decide it’s not for me. However, it seems I’ve finally found an exception.

After listening to the first episode of Jamie Laing’s Private Parts, it was physically painful to continue listening to it. While some iTunes reviewers found Jamie Laing’s Private Parts funny, the program becomes more frustrating with every passing minute.

The podcast is hosted by Jamie Laing, star of reality television program Made in Chelsea, reading his recent diary entries to a friend. Seems simple, right? The premise sounds similar to that of the hilarious podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near as engaging. Unlike the hosts of other successful podcasts, Jamie Laing is simply not an interesting person. On Made in Chelsea, Jamie Laing had a reputation for being a brash buffoon, once quoted stating that the ‘J’ on his sweatshirt stood for ‘genius’. While these qualities may have been entertaining when interjected into the social situations on the show, a full hour with him is utterly unbearable.             

As he reads his own writing, which seems too forced and unnatural for a diary, it is clear he writes only in an attempt to have something interesting to later recite it on the podcast instead of for himself. As a result, his ‘private parts’ were less than thrilling.

After listening to two gruelling episodes of the podcast, the only takeaway is that Jamie Laing fancies himself interesting enough to have a podcast focused solely on his mundane life.

If you are interested in hearing every detail about Jamie Laing’s day, then this podcast may just be for you. But, for all others, it may be wise to avoid the program entirely.

Image: Magic Madzik @ Flickr

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