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Janelle Monáe is back and smoother than ever on ‘Django Jane’

ByAres Zerunyan

Mar 4, 2018

4/5 stars

With her new album officially on the way, Janelle had to keep her fanbase engaged with some new music. And engage them she did. ‘Django Jane’ is a wild ride. For one, Janelle Monáe is rapping and she does a fantastic job. The braggadocio she emits can be felt in each of the opening bars. But ‘Django Jane’ isn’t all about her. She’s here to make a statement on her and other women’s position in society. The landscape in media is changing, and women no longer have to be bystanders in a world controlled by men. Monáe controls every aspect of the song, from the beat to the strings section, which she cues in 2 minutes into the song. While these anthem-like songs have a tendency to be preachy, Janelle Monáe comes off as anything but that. Flowing with nothing but swagger, Monáe now has everyone’s attention.

Image: Joe Mabel via. Wikimedia

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