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Jenna Kelly elected EUSA Vice President Services with 1024 votes

ByEthan DeWitt

Mar 11, 2016

Jenna Kelly has been elected Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) Vice President Services with 1024 votes.

Competing against Hannah Baker-Millington, Kelly achieved quota in the first round of distribution, passing the threshold of 950 votes.

Kelly ran on a campaign making health her main manifesto focus, calling for a new health centre to be created at King’s Buildings and more healthy food options on campus including a soup, salad and juice bar and a weekly local farmers’ market.

She also proomised more opportunities for healthy activities, such as biking through a hire scheme.

Her manifesto included implementing a free taxi service for students on nights out, putting relaxation rooms in the library, free transport for vets, recorded lectures, more shuttle buses, and a £5 print allowance per semester.

She additionally campaigned on giving food waste to food banks and having recycling bins in Halls.

Kelly, a fourth-year French student, was a top 20 contestant in the 2014 Edinburgh Apprentice a member of the organising team for the 2015 Edinburgh Apprentice.  She ran against Baker-Millington, fourth-year French, Spanish and European Union studies student, who ran promising to fight the Prevent legislation, lobby for divestment from fossil fuels and arms, and bring back the halloumi burger to EUSA venues.

Speaking to The Student on her victory, Kelly said: “I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who voted and I couldn’t have done this without my entire team and everyone who helped me, my flatmates who put up with me at every point. So I’m really excited to follow through on my policies for the next year and I hope everyone else is too!”

By Ethan DeWitt


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