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ByColin Mummert

Oct 4, 2014

Following 2009’s massive success ‘Birthday Sex’, Jeremih has been musically inactive these past 5 years. Now with ‘Don’t Tell Em’, Jeremih is back to show that he can dominate the R&B Charts. With a somewhat generic and simple beat by DJ Mustard, Jeremih makes up with a catchy chorus and some witty verses. Rounding off the song is YG, most famous for his Vine-sensation ‘My N***a’, who does a solid job steering the R&B record towards a more club worthy anthem. ‘Don’t Tell Em’ is already a huge record in the US and should do equally as well in the UK. Is it however memorable? Not really. It sounds a lot like a Chris Brown song, but without the production value that Brown consistently manages to accomplish. Hopefully we won’t see another five years of a Jeremih-less-market, but as a comeback, ‘Don’t Tell Em’ is somewhat underwhelming.

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