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Join the Edinburgh Collective!

ByEmily Moffett

Feb 8, 2023
Nathaniel and Fraser at an Edinburgh Collective eventImage courtesy of the Edinburgh Collective.

Hello to all artists, musicians, dancers, performers, artists, and advocates of the Edinburgh art scene. There is an organisation here in Edinburgh which endeavours to support and improve this city and its creatives. Welcome to the Edinburgh Collective.

One afternoon, in a classic Edinburgh cafe, two university students sat enjoying coffee. Unbeknownst to Fraser and Nathaniel, the decision to meet at Victor Hugo that specific day would lead to a decision that would significantly impact their futures. It all started when a man at a nearby table lamented, “shame there’s no creative scene in Edinburgh”.

Fraser and Nathaniel engaged in conversation with the man, eventually learning that the man, indeed, knew plenty of creatives in Edinburgh. Still, Glasgow was seen in the eyes of the man as the superior location for artists. The two boys puzzled over this and concluded that they wanted to transform Edinburgh into a location just as appealing as Glasgow; they wanted to make a change. Thus, the Edinburgh Collective was born. 

The Edinburgh Collective, a non-profit organisation focused on bolstering Edinburgh’s creative scene, has flourished in the years since that fateful day in Victor Hugo. From putting on popular monthly panels and events to supporting community projects, the Edinburgh Collective has established a wonderful reputation as a contributor to the creative scene. An impressive number of Edinburgh artists have worked within the collective’s growing network. Currently, Chris Rutterford, the artist responsible for the beautiful artwork adorning the Colinton tunnel, is working with the Edinburgh Collective on a community project in the Brunstfield links. 

Importantly, the Edinburgh Collective is an organisation that promises security and boasts clear community values. The organisation can only spend money on the creative scene, and working with the collective comes with a guarantee of safety for all artists. Moreover, the Edinburgh Collective is not a money-hungry booking company, rather, it’s a movement of support. Their ambition is to support both individual creatives and community projects through their variety of special and considered resources. 

In the coming years, the Edinburgh Collective boasts a number of admirable goals. This summer, they hope to make the Edinburgh Fringe an open space and plan to bring exclusively Edinburgh-based performances to an international audience. By 2024, they want a fully autonomous team. Furthermore, the Collective plans to one day buy space on Princes Street and create a community hub. For those interested in supporting this movement, be sure to buy tickets to the Edinburgh Collective’s monthly events that feature performances and entertainment. These events promise an evening of musicality, visuality and content creation. 

The Edinburgh Collective is here and ready to support and engage with anyone. They offer resources and different opportunities, so do not be afraid to get in contact. You can contact the Edinburgh Collective through Instagram (@the.edinburgh.collective), and Facebook, and it is highly recommended to subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

Image Credit: Edinburgh Innovations Inspire Launch Grow Awards Night”, courtesy of the directors at the Edinburgh Collective.