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Jonas Brothers return with a fun, lovable tune

ByDeniz Yalçın

Mar 26, 2019

If you grew in the 2000’s you’ve probably heard of the pop trio band Jonas Brothers, known for their Disney career appearing in their own show and Camp Rock as much as their music. Although they parted ways more than six years ago, they have reunited in 2019 and their comeback single ‘Sucker’ dropped on 28 February. ‘Sucker’ is a catchy song with a funky tune about being drunk in love. They sing about sometimes making a fool of yourself when in love and not caring at all.

The single maintains the fun vibe their previous songs such as ‘Play My Music’ and ‘S.O.S’ have, but with a more sensual, adult tone to it. They offer something new and relevant to today’s mainstream pop, but they maintain their goofy, lovable side which made them so big in the first place. This single was unexpected, but an absolute treat.

Image: Mark O’Donald via Wikimedia

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