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Joy Atlas – Altitude

ByJack Wilkinson

Oct 4, 2016

Unabashed and quirky, Joy Atlas’ latest track ‘Altitude’ comes as the fourth single from the Tyneside synth pop quartet. With a unique math-rockish ‘geometric’ style, the group has been carefully carving out their own special place in the Northeastern scene, with carefully packaged, tight singles such as ‘Dismount’ and ‘Drop Your Sword’.

‘Altitude’ is noticeably more upbeat than these, whilst retaining the complex progressive elements with which the band has made its name. Despite this, the verse’s bouncy groove is completely lost in a chorus which feels underwhelming, the fleeting drums losing the track’s carefully built momentum.

Overall, the subtle way that the band has previously combined conflicting genre elements is not as notable here, and the busyness with which the track so relentlessly insists upon the listener is less than pleasant, resulting in a semi-decent filler among otherwise great hits.

Image: Line of Best Fit

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