‘Junk Food’ shows Easy Life have a promising future ahead

Four stars.

Hailing from Leicester, five-piece band Easy Life have had an astronomically rapid rise; having formed in 2017, they played Coachella last summer before even having released their first album, an unusual feat for a British band. Their newest release, the band’s third mixtape, only confirms their place as one of RnB’s most up-and-coming acts.

Defining Easy Life’s genre is difficult; whilst their previous mixtapes have an indie rock/pop sound, and elements of such have been retained in terms of lyrics, Junk Food has moved towards jazzy grooves, as seen on ‘Nice Guys’. The mixtape’s lead single is driven by a funky beat, accompanied by lyrics conjuring up a specific sense of place through focus on details – like “I’m far too gone for a Tuesday” – as seen in their previous work, culminating in one of the mixtape’s highlights. Perhaps the best track on the EP, however, is ‘Sangria’, a slow but catchy collaboration with London-based teen Arlo Parks, who’s beautiful vocals combine with Easy Life’s lead singer Murray Matravers’ rap to create a moving reflection on the early stages of a relationship. The mixtape also tackles a much wider range of currently topical themes with a lyrically refreshing perspective, from climate change and consumer culture on ‘Earth’ to mental illness on ‘Dead Celebrities’, which reflects on the darker side to the experience of fame in an L.A. setting and contrasts it to life in Leicester, as well as ‘LS6’, which sees Matravers candidly open up about depression. The mixtape’s closing track, ‘Spiders’, shifts to a slower pace for a heartbreaking but beautiful track describing the difficulties of a break-up.

Overall, Junk Food is a testament to Easy Life’s cross-genre musical ability and relatability, and will leave fans anticipating their next project – hopefully, their first full-length album.

Image: Gig Junkies via Flickr 

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