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Keeping our beloved houseplants alive

ByTia Byer

Mar 23, 2020

Whether you’re heading home for the Easter holidays or packing up in light of Covid-19, the welfare of your plant babies may be one of your top concerns. Carrying a Monstera plant onto a plane or train and having it sit beside you may not be possible, but have no fear; there are plenty of ways to keep our beloved house plants alive in our absence. Below is a list of certain crafty measures that can be put in place to help care for our green and leafy children from afar.

If you are returning to Campus after Easter, get creative with some gradual self-watering tips. One trick is to implement a drip-dry system. As a DIY alternative to those pricey ‘self-watering’ containers, this student-friendly plastic bottle method, not only saves the pennies but also decreases the risk of overwatering.   

Simply find an old water bottle, rinse it out and make several holes in the lid. Fill the bottle with water and then flip it upside down, planting the cap well below the soil. The plant and soil will gradually absorb all the water it needs, meaning you can rest assured that it will neither dry out nor flood itself.

Another handy trick is to create your very own make-shift greenhouse. For this, you will need a plastic bag that will cover your entire plant and them some wooden sticks that came be planted into the soil to prop up the bag. This is to ensure that the plastic doesn’t cling to the plant. 

After securing the sticks, water the plant generously. Find a spot with indirect light in your flat or bedroom to position the plant and then cover the entire plant and pot in a plastic bag, tucking in the handles underneath. The air-filled pocket will keep the plant moist, capturing the water as it evaporates. 

A further ingenious creation available to keep those beloved beauties alive and healthy is to secure a piece of cotton string deep into the soil of your pot and place the other end into a glass of water. Like the plastic bottle technique, this too works as self-water method where the plant will absorb all the water that it needs.

 If you are however moving out of your flat until the autumn term, you could always employ a plant sitter. Entrusting your plants to a friend who lives locally is a great idea and will put your mind at rest. Only be sure to reward them with an incentive when you inundate them with strict watering instructions. 

Struggling to find someone to help you out? Try the Meadows Share Facebook page and you’ll be sure you find a millennial plant-enthusiast willing to look after your precious potted-friends. Again, offer a nice form of payment such as chocolate or wine.

The urban jungle needs not fear; with these tips and tricks all will be well looked after. When absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, know that we can curb our separation anxiety as a self-proclaimed plant parent by implementing these easy and budget-friendly watering routines. So goodbye little leafy babies, and rest assured that you are well taken care of.

Image Credit: Huy Pha via Pexels.com