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Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song

ByBisi Adejumo

Mar 3, 2015
Image courtesy of http://rumberanetwork105.com/kelly-clarkson-estuvo-hospitalizada/

Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song” is a fun, upbeat single. There is no doubt that she is a brilliant singer from hits such as “Stronger” and the classic “Since U Been Gone”. This new single reaffirms this fact with its enjoyable, lyrical bridge and Clarkson belting out notes towards the end of the song.  The bridge, in fact, is one of the best features of the single due to its catchy tune and great backing instrumental.  But the chorus does let the song down, not simply because it is different to her usual style but also as it is below her normally high standards. She might be trying to reinvent her image or emulate other current pop singers, which has had a negative impact on this track. Nevertheless, this track is a mediocre comeback attempt.

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