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Kesha Goes Country and Declares: ‘Here Comes the Change’

ByMona Oikarinen

Sep 29, 2018

A thousand guesses and many still would not have landed on Kesha being the artistic force behind a country ballad. Aptly titled ‘Here Comes the Change’, the single, which will be featured in the upcoming film On the Basis of Sex, is a far cry from the mainstream pop which brought the singer into public consciousness back in 2009.

Although Kesha is known for pop, she is no stranger to country either. She grew up in Nashville, where she was brought up by her mother who is a songwriter. Unfortunately, in spite of this promising background, though the rich tone of Kesha’s voice and her uncompromising delivery suit the declamatory feel of the song, it falls short in offering much musically. ‘Here Comes The Change’ is built upon a conventional chord sequence and features some rather predictable instrumentation and uninventive lyricism. There is however a definite anthem-like quality to the single and Kesha will no doubt have many singing along as she proclaims: “This is not a phase; here comes, here comes, the change”.

Image: Jeff Denberg via Wikipedia

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