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Kickstarting your year: five gym classes to give a go

BySally Stewart

Sep 26, 2018

Trying out the University of Edinburgh gym is a great way to start the year. Whether you are a fresher feeling the need to burn off all those free pizzas or you just want to stay fit between your studies, the classes at the gym can be a great way to motivate yourself into exercising and help you make the most out of the facility. Here are five different classes that have been tried, tested, and reviewed – from one to five, based on enjoyability – to inspire you to get fit this year.

Circuits “Blast”: 3/5

This class involves rotating around different stations where different exercises are required, such as pull-ups or mountain climbers. The class lasts 30 minutes and introduces you to many different exercises whilst raising your heart rate. It’s a class that will tire you out, but there is no choice in which exercises you do.

Body Pump: 5/5

This 45-minute class focuses on building strength and so while it may not leave you breathless, you will definitely feel your your muscles ache the next morning! The class involves lifting different weights, in time to music, that specifically target different parts of the body including legs, arms and abs. It is a great introduction for those wanting to know how to most effectively use weight and complete a full-body exercise.

Body Combat: 3/5

A different style of exercise that involves punching, kicking and jumping to music that lasts 45 minutes. This class is cardio-based and targets your shoulders and legs. While there isn’t much variation in the movement you do, it is a fun and energetic way to get moving and ensure a good sweat.

Cardio Street Funk: 4/5

This class uses dance to work out your whole body and lasts 45 minutes. You are taught a dance routine to a backing track, which is a great way to get your body moving if you aren’t keen on the usual repetitions involved in many classes. This class makes exercise so much more enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it!

High Intensity Interval Training: 5/5

This class is only 30 minutes long and is an intense cardio class. This mostly involves repetitions like squats and burpees and will really test your endurance. It is a quick workout so it is perfect for those stretched for time and really works you hard leaving you feeling energised and like going to the gym was actually worth it!

All the classes are free with a gym membership or £3 without. Trying a few classes will give you a great introduction to the gym, leaving you energised and contemplating buying that yearly membership.


Image: Oregon State University via Flickr

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