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Kid Ink – Full Speed

ByBisi Adejumo

Feb 17, 2015
courtesy of youtube

For weeks now, Kid Ink has been stirring up excitement with the announcement of his third studio album Full Speed. The LA born rapper became well known last year with the singles “Show Me”, featuring Chris Brown and “Iz U Down”, featuring Tyga. Therefore, fans were expecting a return to the rapper’s popular, playful, party sound with Full Speed.

“Body Language” is an upbeat song with a melodious beat, which incorporates Kid Ink’s usual style and a nice hook from Usher: “But I can tell from your body language, let’s talk about it”. But these more upbeat tracks are not the greatest aspects of the new album. Instead, the singles that are slightly different to his original style, such as “Every City We Go” and “Be Real”, show that he is capable of producing more than just catchy clubbing singles. “Be Real” is especially entertaining, with its mix of smooth beat and Kid Ink’s typical cockiness shining through the lyrics, “Feel like can’t nobody stop me, ‘I’m a hot n****”.

While the singles featuring other various artists are decent, there is nothing special about his solo tracks as their lyrics are simply quite boring. Furthermore, it is hard not to compare this album with his last one. Although “Body Language” is one of the album’s best tracks, the fact that this single is very similar to “Show Me” from his last album cannot be ignored. Again, Kid Ink has a track featuring Chris Brown, this time named “Hotel”. Despite the difference in title and lyrics, the song is also very similar to “Show Me”. Kid Ink has been releasing albums every year since 2013. But perhaps this time, he might have benefitted from working on the album for a little longer instead of releasing almost identical tracks a year later.

This album has some great tracks but the familiar tunes and dull lyrics make it an average collection. Therefore, Full Speed – about which Kid Ink posted so profusely on its release date, was surprisingly disappointing.

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