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Killer Magic

ByHollie Swale

Mar 31, 2015

Killer Magic, is a brand new show in which five magicians battle it out to entertain both the public and their competitors with the best trick possible. Each week the magician with the lowest score must face a ‘killer trick’ and recreate one of history’s most dangerous illusions; in this episode the loser was submerged in a deathly cold ice bath. The format of the show, whilst different, I found to be slightly odd and the scoring system was weirdly reminisicent of Come Dine With Me.

However, the concept is fresh and innovative, making a nice change from the usual magic shows in which the focus is on either pranking or tricking the general public, as in Killer Magic the aim instead is to impress other professional magicians. The tricks were certainly entertaining and impressive, albeit at times slightly disgusting. So, would I watch again? Maybe.

Photograph: http://www.damienobrien.com/media-assets/ 

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