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Kylie Minogue’s take on modern pop is anything but Magic

ByDarragh Murray

Oct 14, 2020

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Given that it took a cohort of five writers to assemble this flat-pack pop song, it is fair to say that Kylie’s latest track is anything but magic. Despite taking heavy inspiration from the work of current pop royalty, Kylie fails to lay any credible claim to the throne. 

Opening with a verse that one would struggle to get into their head, ‘Magic’ layers echoed piano chords and uninspired lyrics over a metronomic kickdrum that gives the track a vaguely danceable backbeat. The chorus is made somewhat more memorable by the staccato pops of a Robbie Williams inspired bugle which jar against the melody of vocals wishing that they were sung by Little Mix. 

Despite the best efforts of the song writing committee, ‘Magic’ tries too hard to be the hit that it isn’t. The whispered vocals of the bridge hark back to the Kylie of old; a faint reminder of her former place at the pinnacle of pop. If this preview is anything to go by, Kylie’s upcoming album Disco, promises to overstay its welcome longer than the musical revolution from which it takes its name. ‘Magic’ and its precursor ‘Say Something’ feel less like certified club bangers and more fit for the playlist at a children’s birthday party.

Thus the answer to Kylie’s question “do you believe in magic?” is a resounding no.

Image: Ian Gavan via Getty Images