Lady Gaga is back with ‘Stupid Love’

Four stars.

Stupid love. For Gaga fans, endearingly known as Little Monsters, around the world, these two words have dominated their lives the past week. Fans of Lady Gaga have been awaiting the return of their favourite pop icon for four years since the release of her last album Joanne

For many, the more stripped back country hybrid album Joanne simply did not meet their expectations for pop excellence. As an album, Joanne is lumped with her Tony Bennett collaboration as being a deviation from what they expect from the queen of the weird and wonderful of the pop world. 

Stupid Loveis the first single from her yet to be released album Chromatica and despite most weak willed fans listening to the leak of this single a few weeks ago, the buzz around this single feels fresh and exciting, a welcome reprieve from the maudlin (at times) Joanne and Star is Born soundtrack (lets not bring the Tony Bennett career detour up again). Stupid Loveis pop to the max, it is sugary sweet, saccharine, and has the perfect BPM to strut powerfully down Meadows Walk to. It’s a great first single of a new era, a fan pleasing anthem that Little Monsters craved as they hope the Chromatica era will usher in a pop-naissance for Gaga, a return to her at her most excessive, most daring and most pop. If this first single is anything to judge it by, this album is a return to Gaga at her pop dominating best.

Image: proacguy1 via Flickr 

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