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Let the gourd times roll. What to do with your leftover Halloween pumpkin

Think the myriad witches, scary movies or approaching deadlines are the spookiest part of Halloween? Well, think again my friend. I’ll tell you something that’s a lot more horrific and that’s the number of pumpkins chucked after a single day of festivities. 

A recent survey carried out by food waste charity Hubbub found that 12.8 million pumpkins are expected to be thrown away uneaten out of the 24 million carved for Halloween this year. Scared yet?

Gourd thing there is a practically unending list of ways to rescue your carved pumpkin from going to waste:

Rather than scooping pumpkin “guts” into the bin, save them in a bowl and wash the seeds rid of the stringy bits. You can then roast the seeds to sprinkle on top of a bowl of granola, risotto, soup or knead into a loaf of bread. Try peppering thyme, sumac, sage and smoked paprika onto the seeds for a savoury concoction. Or grab some nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and a drizzle of honey for those of a sweet disposition. 

Another way to keep the gourd times rolling is to use up the pumpkin flesh. Chop into chunks, roast or boil and incorporate into a pumpkin pasta recipe such as ravioli, tortellini or gnocchi. And if you aren’t sure what to do you can freeze it in chunks for later. 

Looking to zhuzh up your brownies? Fold in some mashed pumpkin- a naturally sweet vegetable- to give it an indulgently moist texture. Getting bored of the banana bread obsession? Why not make a pumpkin bread instead? Just swap the banana for pumpkin.  

There’s also the matter of the ever-cherished pumpkin spice latte. *cough* it’s just mixed spice, sugar and pumpkin puree, guys *cough*. £3.30: really Starbucks? Funnily enough you can make this yourself by reviving your carved pumpkin and blending the flesh then mixing through with some hot milk and spices. 

So, whilst you carve in a simple archaic smile, Shrek’s face or whatever your trusty hand wields into your pumpkin, remember that you could be making so much more than the carving. Because a pumpkin is for life (well, maybe about a week), not just for Halloween.

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