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Let Them Know: Mabel

ByAzeem Merchant

Jul 11, 2021


Her first solo release since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mabel’s latest single sees her taking a break from her R&B roots for a taste of house-lite; all with the same energy that sold her earlier work. 

Over a sample of RuPaul’s “Supermodel”,  Mabel opens with what can only be described as a string of flexes going from her figure to her bank account and even her new man. Explicitly name-dropping her “Mugler fit”, Mabel bursts into the track’s music video in a stunning neon green Mugler bodysuit. Coupled with her shift to retro dance pop and improved choreography, she’s definitely aware of the reminiscence to yet another British popstar’s recent era; choosing to poke fun at it instead. 

With its 2:28 runtime, Mabel wastes no time taking us straight from pre-game mirror affirmations to the sprawling dancefloor that is the chorus. Main producer SG Lewis of newfound nu-disco fame has done it yet again with the track’s pulsating, euphoric chorus conjuring images of sweaty, writhing bodies and the occasional caged go-go boy. Here, Mabel triumphantly soars through the track; unfazed by any haters that come her way in a line similar to RuPaul’s other smash “Sissy that Walk”. 

While the “feeling myself” trope is a pop tale as old as time, what this track lacks in length it makes up for in the life, energy and attitude exuded by Mabel in its delivery.  Who knows, with Mabel’s shoutouts to fellow artists Doja Cat and Saweetie, it almost feels like a summoning circle of guest features to come. A shower playlist staple for now, Mabel’s first taste of the era to come is hopeful of a post-Covid haven packed with club nights, festivals, and bops and bangers galore.

image: Harald Krichel via: Wikimedia.commons