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Let Tuk Tuk spice up your winter with their new lunchtime tiffin tins

ByLydia Blythe

Nov 16, 2016

Tuk Tuk, an Indian street food restaurant situated in the bustling area of Tollcross, has just released a brand-new lunch menu: the tiffin tin. Across the road from the Kings Theatre, Tuk Tuk can be found in a building of vivid colours, contrasting with the grey Edinburgh winter sky.

We entered the restaurant, hit with the smell of countless herbs and spices where I saw plenty of other people digging in to what is undoubtedly a fantastic curry deal which excites and encapsulates all taste buds. As explained by the owner, the tremendous tiffin tins aim to capture the essence of old-fashioned Indian tradition by which the presentation of the meal, in a 4-storey tin, keeps it warm for as long as possible.

Served in delicate bowls which join together in order to create the terrific tin, the deal incorporates a starter at the top, two curries and a choice of rice or naan bread on the bottom. The owner told us that he seeks to bring the authenticity of India and share it in the heart of Edinburgh, which in my eyes he managed to do perfectly. There’s plenty of space inside, a calm atmosphere and a haven from the fast pace of the city centre.

With a background of music common place in restaurants in New Dheli, an inviting interior design and even a photo booth, Tuk Tuk brings a modern twist to the age-old concept of a curry. Appealing to both young students and older couples alike (perhaps thanks to the BYOB rule), the restaurant is always lively, even on the rainy Wednesday lunchtime when we made our trip. Bold colours serving to brighten the mid-term blues, Tuk Tuk is no doubt a place to frequently return to.

The tasty tiffin tin includes the vast majority of the choices on the menu, with added sides available if need be, and enough variety to share. I took my flatmate with me in order to trial this new menu, and we both left satisfied, especially with the added extra of a delicious mango lassi. The key to the success of this drink is that despite being mainly yoghurt based, the addition of ice cubes, presented in a stylish jar with a straw, does not allow for it to be too thick. The perfect consistency, not too filling, yet flavourful nonetheless.

For my starter, at the top of my thrilling tiffin tin were Tuk Tuk’s speciality samosas. A delicious combination of peas and potatoes in a perfectly crispy pastry – I was very impressed. With the difficult decision to choose two from a selection of 16 curries, I chose a saag paneer (spinach and home-made cottage cheese), along with baby aubergine and potato in a tomato based sauce – far removed from the lack of flavour in my flat’s kitchen. While I explored the vegetarian options, my flatmate had butter chicken and tarka dhal, both of which complimented each other well. With an extra naan bread to share, we were not short of food, and for the amiable price of £12 a head, the trendy tiffin tins are a win-win situation and one that kept us satisfied for the remainder of the day.

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