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Let’s talk about ‘I Don’t Want to Talk’

ByGrace O'Neal

Oct 15, 2021

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Indie boy band Wallows return with their new single, ‘I Don’t Want to Talk.’ With its fast-paced beat, punctuated by playful harmonica, the track is reminiscent of the perfect road trip, but also takes pains to appeal to the indie teen demographic.

Their last EP had a more electronic sound than usual, but ‘I Don’t Want to Talk’ perfectly revisits the boy-next-door demeanour of Wallows’ previous work through well-constructed instrumentals and production. However, in comparison to these, the vocals are overly simplistic and while the melody is catchy, it becomes tedious the more you listen.

The lyrics are decent, but have a few shortcomings. Perhaps in efforts to connect with their teenage fanbase, Wallows peppers in a few awkward buzzwords such as a reference to Fjällräven Kånkens, an essential for every teenage girl in 2016. These references in conjunction with the general tone of the song imply that it was created with the intention of being an easy add to a 16-year-old girl’s “indie vibes” playlist.

Overall, “I Don’t Want to Talk” is easy to like, although not as interesting as other songs by the band, and falls middle of the pack in their repertoire.

Wallows at The Roxy. Caitlin Ison via Flickr.