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Library Crush Hour: 8th February 2017

ByLydia Watson

Feb 13, 2017

Love is in the library as Valentine’s Day approaches. Who’s been checking you out?

To the dashing young gentleman in the long coat smoking outside 50 George Square. We made brief eye contact in Sainsbury’s but I’m too shy to speak. Lend me your lighter sometime? – Queen of 50G

Ode to the adorable creature in the green turtleneck and curly light-brown hair: I moved to fourth floor for you. Coffee and library muffin? – First Floor Resident

You may sit in the basement of the library, but you do not sit in the basement of my heart. Can I help you get through one of your all-nighters? – Lovestruck on the Lower Ground Floor

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Alas, this is Edinburgh and we only know winter. I went to the third floor shelves in search of Shakespeare criticism, but it was you I DiscoverEd. Was I reading too much behind the lines? – Your Midsummer Night’s Dream

To the sultry siren of the second floor: I see you struggling with Shakespeare. Let me show you how a true poet articulates his love. I have had a way with words ever since I stole the collected works of Keats from the Hub Reserve. – Keats Fiend

Is the object of your attraction just a table away? We are now accepting entries for Library Crush Hour through The Student’s Facebook page. Shoot us a message and see your dreams come true.

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