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Library Crush Hour: 8th March 2017

ByNiamh Anderson

Mar 8, 2017

Spare a thought for a forlorn fourth floor pawn as I fawn and mourn; I have loved thee since dawn; I am pinned to your cork board, yet you pour scorn as I withdraw down all floors. My anger is horse drawn, spirit is war torn, passion aflame like the fires of Mordor. Anyway check my Soundcloud for my new mixtape Library Cards and Fiery Bars coming soon.  – A Cunning Linguist

I might only have met you once, but I’m not as cynical as the focus of your dissertation. As soon as you took off your hat, and flashed a disinterested glance at me, my heart jumped more than the characters in Schneider’s The Wall Jumper. I hear you are thinking of a career in investigative journalism: you can practise your investigative skills on me. – Love the Juliet to your Romeo. Without the death…

Riding in the lift, ascending to heavenly fourth floor heights with you, our eyes met in the mirror. It may have been for only a moment, but your sultry stare stayed in my mind. I’ll accompany you on your next trip to the water fountain – if you water my fountain? – Hot but hydrated

Passing through the library doors on Saturday, I felt my soul crumbling a little. I was cheating on you: my love, my life, my only. During the week I live in your presence. You shelter me when I am down; you make me smile whenever I clasp eyes on you. Every day with you is a blessing, with constant surprises and laughter. However, weekends come, and you shut your doors on me. To 50 George Square: please love me. – S.B (So Besotted)

Wow, that certainly is an interesting plug socket. Procrastinating hard, I just can’t help but admire it: half way up the wall and just behind you as you tuck your hair behind your ear and look up at me. My heart jolts – that plug socket suddenly seems a lot less interesting… – Distracted dreamer

Image: 705847 @ Pixabay

By Niamh Anderson

Niamh is a fourth-year History student, who was Editor in Chief in her second year. She spends her ‘free’ time researching women’s lives and performing emotional labour by explaining emotional labour to men.

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