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Lifestyle Podcast Recommendations: from a lifestyle podcaster

ByNiamh Stone

Feb 16, 2023
podcast cover of Niamh Stone's podcast 'keep going and growing'. the photo has Niamh sitting down looking at the camera with the title of her podcast next to her

I have been creating my lifestyle podcast ‘Keep Going and Growing’ since January 2021 and have become immersed in the podcast world. I listen to a few hours of podcasts every day and wanted to share some of my lifestyle podcast recommendations with you as someone who believes they know what’s what!

1.What We Said

This podcast is by LA social media influencers Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis. They are influencers who discuss everything from relationship advice to worst customer service interactions to social media and parenthood. This podcast makes me laugh out loud every week and it feels like having a conversation with your best friends. Warning: you will be counting down the days to Tuesdays when their episodes are released and start using their terms (e.g., slay) in your everyday vocabulary.

2. Anything Goes

Emma Chamberlain’s podcast is evocative and informative, providing an insight into the life of an influencer/celebrity. She discusses interesting topics such as her experiences with social media, fashion trend predictions, mental health struggles and adulting. This podcast is so raw and real, and Emma is very vulnerable with her listeners in sharing the more intimate parts of her life.

3. Already Friends

American podcasters Ceara Kirkpatrick and Allison Wetig discuss health and wellness, goal setting, photography, relationships and hobbies in an inspiring and motivating manner which makes you want to get out of bed and go to a yoga class. They never fail to teach me something new about life and challenge me to be a better version of myself.

4. On My Mind

Ava Jules’ podcast is calming and relaxing and always helps me unwind after a long day. The Hawaiian YouTuber is perfectly suited to podcasting and shares juicy stories from her life and answers listeners relationship dilemmas. She is soothing yet hilarious and it’s impossible not to have a giggle when listening. Ava lives life by her own rules and encourages others to do the same.

5. Goes Without Saying

Sephy and Wing provide the perfect dose of Britishness whilst tackling the patriarchy and being your best friends and hyping you up. They are two friends by your side who are always rooting for you to succeed in life but comfort you when you fall down. They help you to navigate the struggles of adult life and feel like big sisters who are always there to comfort you and show you that it’s very normal to feel lost in your 20’s.

6. Crying in Public

Sarah and Sydni are two girls living in New York City and they share their glamorous lives with their listeners but also discuss the messier parts of life such as breakups and body image issues. These girls will make you laugh like no other but also challenge you to reassess how women and relationships are viewed in our society and through social media.

Finally, if you are interested in travel, relationship advice, sustainability, university life and more, I would recommend my podcast Keep Going and Growing.

Happy podcast listening and I hope you find your new favourite lifestyle podcast!

Image Credit: podcast cover provided by Niamh Stone, used with permission.