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Lily Allen

ByZanny Jacobsen

Sep 23, 2014
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Following her latest album, Sheezus, Lily Allen brings us another single  in the shape of “As Long as I Got You”; a drivelling, lyrically sterile sentimental yawn of a song.  The old feisty Allen has been zapped and transformed into some sappy twee of a bore whose generic and clichéd lyrics do very little to capture the emotions and life-changing events she discusses.  The song is dedicated to Allen’s husband who has pulled her out of her depression and self-destructive partying lifestyle, and admittedly is a much better alternative to “sticking things up [her] nose”. Yet, it is truly baffling how such a sensitive subject fails to produce any sense of real sincerity. To put it simply,  this song just isn’t convincing. When Allen simpers, “As long as I’ve got you and we can be together and forever just you and me…” it sounds like some false promise. However, Allen’s effortlessly clear voice is easy on the ear, but hardly impresses with the poor content it’s putting across.

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