ELECTIONS RESULTS: The Students’ Association’s Liberation Officers

LGBT+ Liberation Officer

Congratulations Rosie! Rosie, a second-year Biological Sciences student, is a University of Edinburgh Students’ Association Wellbeing Officer, the lead coordinator of WellCom, a KB peer support scheme, and an advocate for LGBT+ rights, mental health policy, and student wellbeing. Rosie’s aims as LGBT+ officer are:

1) Shaping the university by highlighting student achievements, and provide suggestions for the university, work with the new Trans and Non-Binary Officer for stronger policies against transphobia and queerphobia, and fight for more gender-neutral facilities across all campuses.

2) Connecting and creating networks, by hosting a non-gendered fashion show and open mic events, working to teach Edinburgh Youth about queer history, as well as supporting safe spaces for interfaith groups, international students, and estranged students.

3) Amplifying voices, by working with other Liberation Officers on intersectional issues, creating spaces for students and staff to learn together, and encourage and highlight LGBT+ inclusion in sports and societies

The Student asked Rosie what her favourite manifesto point is:

“I’m really passionate about widening our communities into the Edinburgh area: the work Sexpression, the Staff Pride Network and local organisations do is incredible, and I think as Queer students we should take the opportunity to give back, providing young people with the kind of information, history and representation some of us needed so desperately when we were that age. I’m also super excited to organise a non-gendered fashion show!”

Congratulations Rosie on being elected our next LGBT+ Officer!


BME Liberation Officer

Congratulations to Meyra! Meyra, a third-year Philosophy and Politics student, is the founder of the BME Welcome Guide and a long-term philosophy class representative. Meyra’s manifesto focused on two main issues:

1) empowering the BME community through community spaces for BME students, especially queer and trans BME students, as well as providing more academic and social support for BME student and

2) addressing institutional racism by holding the university accountable and supporting decolonisation efforts, as well as supporting the Post-Study Work Visa program.

The Student asked Meyra what the most ambitious point on her manifesto is:

“My most ambitious point is getting the university to commit to closing the BME attainment gap. This is because it involves the uncomfortable task of raising racism as a structural rather than individual issue. This work is much further progressed at other universities in the UK, so I think that the first step would be to review how other institutions have been confronting the BME attainment gap, and what strategies have worked to get senior university management on board.”

We look forward to seeing Meyra’s plans come to fruition in the upcoming academic year!


Trans and Non-binary Liberation Officer

Congratulations, Elliot! Elliot, a second-year Linguistics student, has served as the Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex Officer for PrideSoc for the last two years. In this role, Elliot has helped build the trans community on campus and push for trans-inclusive policy. As a liberation officer, Elliot hopes to:

1) Continue building community, by connecting trans and non-binary staff and students, fight for more representation in academia, and regular social events

2) Train staff, especially personal tutors, about issues impacting trans and non-binary students, as well as creating resources for staff to access

3) Influence university policy, including fighting for more gender neutral bathrooms, press the university to expand the Dignity and Respect Policy, and fight transphobia on campus.

The Student asked Elliot what his favourite manifesto point is:

“The policies I am most excited about are my plans to bridge the gap between trans and non-binary staff and students, and to make current trans-inclusive policies more readily accessible. There is a wealth of resources at Edinburgh for trans and non-binary people that are underutilised due to lack of advertising and community building efforts. Regular social events involving both staff and students and improved access to information about these policies will allow the community to be stronger, closer, and more active.”

Congratulations Elliot on being elected our first Trans and Non-Binary Officer!


Disabled Students’ Liberation Officer

Congratulations, Ellen! Ellen, a third-year History and Politics student, is a disabled activist, former Editor-in-Chief of The Student, and a member of the Disabled Students’ Campaign Committee. Ellen’s manifesto revolved around three main goals:

1) Breaking the stigma surrounding the word “disability” by providing staff mental health and accessibility training, including disability on the curriculum, and organize information on tackling everyday ableism

2) Creating institutional change in Edinburgh, by lobbying the Estates Department to revise their accessibility policies, and ensuring a zero-tolerance policy against ableism is established, and

3) Building community, by establishing regular get togethers, events, and panels, as well as weekly drop-in sessions to meet all students in accessible venues.

The Student asked Ellen what her favourite manifesto point is:

I am most excited to help strengthen the disabled community of students on campus. Being any kind of liberation officer offers such an incredible opportunity to build a network of engaged and empowered students with intersectional identities but with disabled students especially, the community is in such a good place to really build momentum within the next academic year. Through inclusive and accessible events, I will really focus on creating connections between students and foster an environment of celebration. There are so many incredible disabled students on campus, I just can’t wait for us all to come together.

Congratulations, Ellen!


Women’s Officer

Martha served on the Women’s Liberation Campaign this past year, as well as being a co-founder of Sanitree, an international social enterprise tackling period poverty and stigma. Martha campaigned on:

1) building community, both within the Women’s Liberation Campaign, as well as working closely with other liberation officers

2) community healing, by continuing the #NoExcuse campaign and running a series of ‘Loving Women’ discussions, and

3) empowering women, by running leadership and confidence workshops for women and promoting self-love, body positivity, and campaigning against period stigma.

The Student asked Martha what her favorite manifesto point is:

“As part of my aim to make the Women’s Liberation Campaign a celebratory space, I want to run a series of events on the theme of ‘Loving Women’. Building on the depoliticised (and wholesome as heck) Women’s Brunches that the Campaign held last year, this series will allow an opportunity for women to sit down, have some nice free food, and chat to each other about how we’re all doing, what we’ve been achieving and how we can better lift each other up. The Loving Women series would also invite in speakers to educate us on how we can better love women from marginalised backgrounds, as well as speakers on other themes such as ‘Loving Women on Campus’, ‘Loving Women in Edinburgh’ and ‘Loving Women Internationally’. I am really excited by the concept of what these events could bring, and the connections we can continue to foster between the wonderful women at this university and beyond.”

Congratulations Martha on being elected our next Women’s Officer!


Image: Edinburgh University Students’ Association 

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