Live review: JPEGMAFIA at SWG3, Glasgow 04/03

Almost from the very second that JPEGMAFIA saunters onto the stage of SWG3, the whole room is sweltering. Shirts are discarded immediately, mirroring the appearance of Peggy himself, who sports nothing but a pair of boxing shorts. Sweat seems to drip from the walls as beers are flung across the crowd like offerings. Opening with leading track from his new album All My Heroes Are Cornballs, ‘Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot’, sets the tone for his set; he’s cocky, assured and completely at ease as he teases his crowd.

He stands before the myriad of cartoonish visuals which frame the stage like a shrine, sweat dripping, before launching into Kenny Beats collab ‘Puff Daddy’, and the crowd before him transforms into something feral. Limbs are flung about as mosh pits open and are swallowed again instantly. Every break in his act is met by chants of “Peggy!” across the room, alongside typical Glaswegian cries of “here we fucking go!”.

Well aware of his own sex appeal, he climbs on top of the decks behind him to serenade us with ‘Thot Tactics’; “I wanna rock your world” comes the heavily auto-tuned vocals which are a distinct part of his sound. Shortly after, he flings himself into the crowd, surfing over the heads of the audience, a motion soon attempted by a handful of the shirtless lads, with less success.

Coming to the end of his set, ‘Baby I’m Bleeding’ stirs up the most animalistic reaction from the crowd yet. Strobe lights illuminate the ferocious dancing-shoving-gyrating of the pit. Any beer which has managed to last this long is flung heavenwards, as the audience takes on a mob mentality. Chants of “Morrissey” give way to ‘I Cannot Fucking Wait Til Morrissey Dies’, the track is a testament to the hilarity and charisma which he oozes so effortlessly.

Emerging one last time, this time donning a high-vis jacket, JPEGMAFIA addresses us with drawls of “listeeen” – as he announces his final track is an entirely unprompted rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen’s classic ‘Call Me Maybe’. In what is likely a first for SWG3, the room was not only filled with an auto-tuned and lyrically inaccurate rendition, but the sound of a plethora of swedgered lads singing along.

Image: SON Estrella Galicia via Flickr

By Erin May Kelly

Featured Contributor