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Liz Truss faces uncertainty after a day of chaos

ByIone Gildroy

Oct 20, 2022
A photo of the current Prime Minister Liz Truss leaving No 10 Downing Street leaving for Prime Minister's Questions.19/10/2022. London, United Kingdom. Prime Minister Liz Truss leaves No10 Downing Street to make her way to the House of Commons for PMQ's. 10 Downing Street. Picture by Rory Arnold / No 10 Downing Street

Suella Braverman resigned as home secretary yesterday, delivering a great blow to Prime Minister Liz Truss’s government.

In Braverman’s resignation letter, she gave violating government protocols as the reason for her resignation, saying: “I have made a mistake; I accept responsibility: I resign.”

She continued to say: “I have concerns about the direction of this government.”

In response, Truss wrote that she was “grateful” to Braverman for her “commitment to keeping the British people safe.”

Grant Shapps, the former transport secretary, replaced Braverman as home secretary, saying that it was a “great honour” to be home secretary.

Shapps acknowledged that it was a “turbulent time for the government” and added that he was “looking forward to getting stuck into the role… regardless of what is happening in Westminster”.

Shapps supported former Chancellor Rishi Sunak during the Conservative party leadership election, and was removed from the cabinet by Truss when she became Prime Minister.

Labour’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said that the government was “falling apart.”

Conservative MP Sir Charles Walker said that there was “no coming back” for the government, and that the situation was a “shambles.”

He also added: “I expect the Prime Minister to resign very soon because she’s not up to her job.”

This comes after allegations of bullying and manhandling during a vote on fracking which took place after Braverman’s resignation.

There were several reports that some Conservative MPs were physically manhandled and bullied into voting with the government on fracking.

Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle announced today that there will be investigations into these allegations.

Sir Charles Walker continued to add: “I really shouldn’t say this, but I hope all those people who put Liz Truss in No 10, I hope it was worth it for the ministerial red box. I hope it was worth it to sit round the cabinet table. Because the damage they have done to our party is extraordinary.”

Johnny Mercer MP later retweeted this comment, adding: “fuck me, he’s nailed it.”

This is a stark change from the start of the day yesterday, when many believed that Truss’ government was gaining strength after the appointment of Jeremy Hunt as chancellor and his decision to reverse much of Truss’s mini-budget.

There were also reports yesterday of the chief whip and deputy chief whip resigning, however Downing Street later revealed that this was not true.

The chief whip is responsible for ensuring that party members attend and vote in Parliament as the party leadership desires.

One MP said that Craig Whittaker, the deputy chief whip, “came out of the lobby and said ‘I am fucking furious and I don’t give a fuck anymore.’”

And that Wendy Morton, the chief whip, was: “as mad as thunder and is saying ‘unbelievable’.”

Some MPs believe that by now at least 100 letters of no confidence have been submitted.

11 MPs have publicly called for Truss to go. 

Image “Prime Minister Liz Truss leaves for PMQ’s” by Number 10 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By Ione Gildroy

Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief Former News Editor