Lothian Bus services suspended from 7:30 this evening due to anti-social behaviour

Lothian Buses have suspended travel from 19:30pm tonight, with the exception of nightbus services, after several instances of anti-social behaviour have been reported.

Over the last few months, buses have been vandalised by anti-social groups of youths, although incidents have escalated in the recent days.

On Monday night alone, eight separate buses were attacked on a route that many members of the public rely on to travel to the Royal Infirmary hospital. 

Services are expected to return to normal from tomorrow. 

The groups are reported to have thrown bricks through bus windows, leaving buses covered in shattered glass.

A total of nine windows were smashed.

Several members of the public who rely on such services, many of whom are key workers, have taken to social media to express their concerns. 

One bus driver tweeted a picture of some of the damage caused, and posed the question “What’s your kid doing at night?”

Lothian Buses have released the following statement.

“All journeys across Edinburgh which are due to depart terminal points after 19.30hrs will not operate tonight as a result of escalating incidents of antisocial behaviour which are putting the safety and wellbeing of our drivers and customers at risk.

“We understand that we provide a critical service for key workers and those for whom travel is essential which makes this decision even more regrettable, and so we apologise to those who will be inconvenienced as a result.”

Image: @Kwilson26474601 via Twitter

By Lucy Jackson

Deputy Editor-in-Chief.