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Love in the Time of Corona: different kinds of love

This article is a part of our series Love in the Time of Corona. If you have any interesting or scandalous love, relationship, or sex stories of your own during the pandemic, reach out to us! We’d love to hear all about it…

First, let me introduce you to the three main characters whose lives you’re about to immerse yourself in. First, we have Sofía: feisty, creative, independent. Weapon of choice: thirty-year-olds. Second, Clara: smart, outgoing and inexperienced. Weapon of choice: Tinder. And third, Miranda: witty, impulsive and yours truly. Weapon of choice: FaceTime. This is a story about how we’re trying to master love, lust and fun during a global pandemic.

Moving from Argentina to Edinburgh in January was no easy feat. Coronavirus restrictions in both countries made travelling almost impossible and leaving your loved ones simply to be confined to a different apartment seemed to make little sense. Still, the three characters of this story packed themselves with courage and hope and set out on a new adventure. 

They didn’t know each other before moving in together, but it would be a match made in Heaven. The friendships they forged have allowed each of them to conquer virtual romance. Their different personalities take the others out of their comfort zone. Clara encourages Sofía to meet as many people as possible; Sofía teaches me to let go; I embolden Clara to shed outdated notions about sex and dating.

But what even is dating nowadays? It’s already been a year since any of us have been on a typical date. Grabbing some drinks, going to a club, or having a romantic dinner out seem unreal. I can’t even remember the last time I put on some makeup, high heels and a rad outfit. Romance in times of Corona seems to be all about sweatpants and a good movie. And yet, the flame lives on and inhibitions run even lower than in a pre-pandemic world. At least for our characters.

Moving somewhere where no one knows you has a way of giving you some perspective on your beliefs, principles, and conventions. No one knows you have them, people around you don’t share them, so no one will judge you if you break them. For Clara, this realization hit as soon as she met Sofía and me. Coming from a Catholic background, all things sexual were strictly off-limits for her. Even her friends ascribed to these firm beliefs. (The extent to which this is due to personal conviction or Catholic indoctrination at school remains to be seen. Your writer suspects the latter). 

Suddenly, Clara found herself freed from the social constraints that limited her sexual desires and freedom in Buenos Aires. In a matter of days after arriving in Edinburgh, she had already gone on multiple dates with multiple guys. Less than two months in she’s already made the most of Tinder. She’s experienced love, fun, and sex in a truly safe and accepting environment, and now has a different air about her. More confident and sure-footed. Also, Sofía and I enjoy the perks of Clara’s many (improper) suitors. Delicious leftovers and Scottish locals are just a few of them. 

Meanwhile, Sofía struggles to leave a crush behind. In a battle between her fear of commitment and strong emotions, at the beginning of this experience she might have been in Edinburgh, but her mind and heart were back home. The uncertainty of how she left things, what she wanted, and what would happen when she got back, stumped her. Still, with Clara and my encouragement she downloaded Tinder. At first, the idea of doing small talk for hours with a random stranger seemed totally unappealing to her. Reluctantly, however, she went on her first date. Fast-forward to today and she’s living one of her best love experiences and is ready to put herself out there.

That leaves us with me. I am but a mere spectator into the extraordinary lives of two people that, in a matter of weeks, know me better than almost anyone. Me? Well, every day I miss my boyfriend. He’s in New York, also doing an exchange program. Long-distance isn’t ideal, everybody knows that. He was going to come visit Edinburgh, but, of course, now we can’t. But, at least in our experience, communication, patience, and a lot of love is all that’s necessary. Also, a good Wi-Fi connection. (Pro-tip for those with iPhone: FaceTime works better than WhatsApp)

I’ll be honest, though. Sofía and Clara are the reasons why I’m so happy every day. They’re teaching me to just let go and enjoy life. Thanks to them, I’m totally sure of my relationship. Our love story is one for the ages.

It’s up to all of us now to keep the flame of romance burning, and I know it will never go out.

Image: Friends Girlfriend Friendship via Pixabay