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Love, Rosie

ByAnna Loo

Oct 30, 2014

Think Bridget Jones meets Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. This adaptation of Celia Ahern’s Novel Where Rainbows End is a formulaic romantic comedy which leaves nothing to the imagination. The use of all too familiar rom-com tropes renders this film as predictable as the next. Nevertheless, it does what it says on the tin and delivers a humorous and heart-warming depiction of 12 years of friendship come romance.

Love, Rosie depicts the ups and downs in the lives of childhood friends Rosie and Alex, sound familiar? It is clear that the pair are meant to be from the moment we see the close up of their drunken kiss at Rosie’s 18th, yet we must rather frustratingly wait for the right timing until they finally get together. Rosie and Alex plan to go to Boston together, however, all does not go to plan when Rosie becomes pregnant after a disastrous one night stand involving the amusing incident of a missing condom. While Rosie adapts to the life of a single mum, Alex appears to be living the life in America with a string of beautiful, blonde girlfriends. The pair manages to keep their trans-Atlantic friendship afloat despite constantly finding out that each other is either in a relationship, engaged or married.

The tangible on screen chemistry between Lily Collins and Sam Claflin provides a pleasant distraction amidst the predictability. It is their lively and witty performance that transforms this from a run of the mill film to a laugh out loud, feel good and at times tear jerking watch.

It cannot escape one’s attention that throughout the film Rosie and Alex appear to be immune to the effects of ageing; however we all know that it is part of the contract to suspend all disbelief when watching a film of this genre. Given this, Love, Rosie makes for a light hearted watch with a bit of eye candy thrown into the mix.

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