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LUCIA – ‘Blueheart’ Single Review

Originally a young Buchanan Street busker, Lucia Fontaine has branched out from her original singer-songwriter style into playing a brand of music with a band that clashes sugar-sweet pop and noisy garage rock.

On LUCIA’s latest release, ‘Blueheart,’ we see shoegaze and post-punk soundtrack, an address to a boy who has no respect for women. LUCIA justifiably tears into him whilst maintaining a near disturbingly calm tone. It seems directed, with a sense of surety, meaning that this almost serene attack leaves great potential for an aggressive explosion ready to materialise at any second: a prospect perhaps more unnerving to the song’s subject than any rage could be.

In the penultimate moments of the track, the prominent vocals subside to atmospheric airiness that allows a gritty guitar solo to lead into one final chorus and eerie swelling harmonies which sees the recording out. With these interesting contrasts, ‘Blueheart’ proves a triumph.


Image: Josh Sorenson via Pexels 

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