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The Short Rant: Lunch Till I Die

ByDylan R. Corrin

Oct 1, 2022
A sad looking man eats a bowl of cereal while standing in front of a window that shows its the dead of night outside

Lunch is the best meal. 

You may ask why I chose lunch as the best meal, you may well counter that lunch consists of  boring sandwiches or bland soups. But I’m not arguing on the basis of the meal’s typical content, rather on the flexibility of socially-acceptable foodstuffs. Now what do I mean by this you may ask? I mean that you can eat breakfast foods at lunchtime, and eat dinner foods at lunchtime. While the inverse simply isn’t true. It isn’t socially acceptable to eat cereal for dinner, or a Sunday roast for breakfast. Others may rightfully say that these days a lot of things aren’t taboo, and you won’t be openly judged for your transgressions. However, I’d counter that by saying that, whilst you may not be openly judged, folks may still think the worst behind closed doors. They may even say “y’know that fellow over there, they eat cereal for dinner” and a lot of folk may even think that the fellow in question may be mad. Whilst if the fellow had eaten cereal at lunchtime there’d at the very least be less murmur, as that’s not too outlandish. Readers, that’s the crux of my argument.


Image courtesy of Adam Losekoot.