Mac DeMarco returns with an airy, yet dark single

Mac DeMarco clearly never expected to be famous. As his laid-back, dreamy style has hit the mainstream 10 years into his career, and some of his albums being deemed classics, Mac has seemed at a loss dealing with his fame. Seeing him play Radio City in 2017, he clearly seemed shook seeing a full crowd in a hall meant for composers when less than a decade ago he was playing these same goofy songs with his friends in a small crowd.

All this is evident in his airy,intimate, single for the upcoming Here Comes the Cowboy, ‘Nobody.’ Over a minimal guitar pattern and a subtle, yet brilliant horn, Mac delivers eloquent prose on how there’s “no going back to nobody” presenting his now-famous self as a “creature.”

‘Nobody’ sets the stage for a darker, more introspective Mac DeMarco album with a stripped-down, personal and intimate sound.


Image: Weekly Dig via Wikimedia

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