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Major news sites agree to clickbait disarmament

ByMarvin Goodwright

Apr 1, 2016

The only winning move is not to post.

For the first time since Buzzfeed’s initial listicle testing in a remote desert town outside San Francisco, the threat of mutually assured bankruptcy has began to diminish.

After weeks of harsh negotiations, the journalistic superpowers have agreed to a gradual rampdown in the production of clickbait articles, with a total halt by 2050.
The non-proliferation pact says nothing of what will be done with articles already published, with many experts worrying that the toxic hyperbole from these obsolete posts could be stolen by small groups of radicalised freelancers.

This pact comes as welcome news to many onlookers, particularly in the wake of Upworthy’s devastating meta-post “Top 10 Most Popular Clickbait Articles”, which was demonstrated to be 100 times more viral than the seminal clickbait piece that inspired Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti’s famous quote “I am become press, destroyer of words”

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