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Making A Murderer

ByLauren Porter

Jan 13, 2016

Over the Christmas holidays, I have been filling my time with a much needed catch up on TV and Radio programmes I missed out on in semester one. Luckily for me, I hadn’t missed out on much, however I was fortunate to stumble on the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer. By stumble I mean I read Facebook, as at the minute this documentary is everywhere. Now, ‘Why is it everywhere?’ Well what has made this murder stand out and create such a storm in the media is the story behind it. If you were a fan of the podcast Serial, then this documentary is on point for you.

The show has been created by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, who together filmed the documentary over 10 years. So if you’re thinking this is just something done quickly to rival other shows of its kind like The Jinx, you would be mistaken. The documentary spans over 10 episodes, so needs some type of dedication if you want to really understand it.

Now to the context, Steven Avery is the subject of the  documentary and in the first episode we watch how he was imprisoned for 18 years for rape. However he is released as DNA finds him innocent of the crime (which he had always proclaimed he had been). Now, as we go on, we see Steven’s release and watch him fight back and take those who sent him to prison to court and sue them. However, all goes wrong when Steven is once again on the wrong side of justice and is accused of murder.

Before you think I have spoiled the whole series, this part of the story is merely the tip of the iceberg. The real story lies within those who are against Steven Avery, and if this murder is all that it seems. The documentary is styled around the filmed trial, and interviews with Steven’s family, lawyers and law enforcement – which I am telling you is gripping watching. Even the interrogations are filmed. The documentary is not just about Steven Avery; other members of his family play major roles within the show. However I will leave you to find out more.

This documentary is a must watch.Its concept is one that is popular at this time as everyone seems to enjoy a true gritty murder and dividing sides into good and evil. However strange it may seem, Netflix is giving the people what they want, and doing damned well.

Image: Dwayne Bent

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