Manic Street Preachers

In “Futurology”, the new track from Welsh Rock-Titans, The Manic Street Preachers, there is an unsatisfying aura of bland that makes it clear that this track belongs in the band’s twelfth album. The song manages to combine unoriginal lyrics with uninventive accompaniment to create a powerful concoction of nonsense so forgettable that will leave the listener in a kind of dizzy haze, struggling to remember whether they actually listened to the song at all. It’s not that the song is innately horrible, its just so unremarkable that compared to real Manics tracks, this feels like damp cardboard. It’s just a sheer force of mediocrity that melts your brain into a kind of soft paste that dribbles out your ears. The band however, to their credit, at least manage to sound slightly apologetic about it in the lyrics: “We’ll be back one day … No matter how much it hurts. And it hurts.”

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