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Marina and the mental health Tumblr blog

ByBethany Davison

Nov 6, 2017

Marina Diamandis, best known as Marina and the Diamonds, has undoubtedly sat at the forefront of destigmatising mental health in popular culture, with her first two albums expressing concerns around mental health. These themes are explicit in Electra Heart’s ‘Teen Idle’ which expresses thoughts on eating disorders and depression, and her third album, Froot, which gives an honest assessment of the human condition, and the singer’s own mental health, as track ‘Happy’ discusses her personal battle with depression.

After taking a break from the public eye, Diamandis has returned this year with a Tumblr blog named ‘Marina Book’ (http://marinabook.co.uk/), on which she has addressed a range of topics surrounding mental health, in both the form of text and podcast, with the first post describing her battle with identity issues after living through her stage personas. The attached links to further reading on personas and a podcast discuss “how our views about the Self affect our views on death” and show clearly how Diamandis is striving to educate her fans on mental health. Nonetheless she is in the process of creating a valuable platform to speak out, and educate, about mental health. Other posts on the blog cover topics such as the psychological effects of social media, how Marina herself has learned to deal with depressive episodes, and the value that spending time alone has on emotional wellbeing.

Either by discussing her struggles with mental health through her music, or by developing her blog, it is clear that Diamandis is working to help her fans understand their own mental health via relation with her. With such a position of influence on our youth, the fact that she is using her fame to aid and educate shows how she is a real credit to a music industry that is typically shallow and superficial.

IMAGE: ElfieTakesPictures, Wikimedia CC

By Bethany Davison

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